What Is Collision?

There are 16,000 middle and high school students in Sioux Falls. There are 100 different nations in Sioux Falls. 20% of students in our schools come from extremely broken homes. Our movement is focused on making disciples that make disciples. Our dream is within 4 years to see 2,000 groups that reach all 16,000 students.

We are not a club,
We are a Movement!

Who We Are

Collision brings students together in unity around sharing the gospel, working together with local churches to build bridges to students who do not have a relationship with Jesus.

Matthew 28:18-20

"Go and make Disciples of all nations.”

God has given Collision the opportunity to go and empower middle and high school students in their schools, with their friends and family to share their faith in Christ. This means that we take seriously the Great Commission.

Our Focus

We are passionate about training and equipping students to proclaim a Christ-centered gospel, being dependent upon the word of God as their guide, and the Holy Spirit as their empowerer.

We desire to see the local church mobilized and united around seeing all 16,000 students, in and around Sioux Falls, won for Christ and discipled.

Our goal is to see 2,000 groups of 8-10 students meeting together every week, connected to the church, and sharing the gospel every day. We believe that this will change our community, our region, and ultimately the world.

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The DNA of Collision

Collision is training trainers. We see every student as valuable and loved by Jesus. We see that Jesus not only wants to have His children know Him but He desires them to be involved in growing His kingdom.

“What if Every Student Had an Encounter with Jesus?”

Not A Club, A Movement

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